Special Offers

Dr. Orandi and her team are proud to offer the following specials:

Custom-Made Athletic Sports Guards – Just $25!

Eagan Dental Sports MouthguardsThese guards are formed using a mold of your mouth, so it will fit perfectly and allow you to breathe easier while in the game. Call our office for more details.


Day White Professional-Strength Teeth Bleaching РOnly $33!

We offer a few different ways to bleach your teeth into a whiter, brighter smile. Every patient has a different expectation and Dr. Orandi could help you decide what option is best for you. Give Dr. Orandi and her staff a call or simply send an e-mail requesting  a free consultation.

Eagan teeth whitening

*Please note, a free consultation does not take the place of a Comprehensive exam and does not include x-rays.